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Facebook Liked and Following

What are Facebook likes?

A Facebook page like is an indication that you support the page and would like to see content from it. As a result by clicking a like button, you are automatically added to the page as a follower.

As a follower of the page new posts from the page will show on your newsfeed.

Why do you want followers?

As a business selling products or organisation promoting a cause, you want to engage customers. Customers being those who are interested in the products or the cause. Followers are exposed to all posts that you make on your page. If you have an insight to share you can post it on the page and it will be on your followers’ walls. Your followers can share the post and thus reach more Facebook users. If you have a special offer you can post it on Facebook and it will also appear on your followers’ walls.

Followers allow you to reach existing and potential new customers. Engaged customers will consider your organisation when they need the service you offer and are likely to recommend you to their friends. Thus you want as many followers as you can get in order to retain your existing customers and acquire new ones.

How to invite friends to like your page?

As an administrator of your page you can invite all your Facebook friends to like your page. As a page follower you can also invite all your Facebook friends to like a page you like as well. This means that your customers can also invite their friends to like your Facebook page. Of course you have to provide exceptional services in order for them to vouch for you. The process is the same for both administrator and follower. Follow below easy steps to invite friends to like a Facebook page:

Community Menu

1. Go to the Facebook page.

2. Click the community link on the left menu of the page.

3. Click See All Friends button.

4. In the dialog select all friends and click Send Invites.

Select friends dialog
Select friends dialog